COURSE INFORMATION Who is this designed for? Cost Apr-24 May-24 Jun-24 Jul-24 Aug-24  
Level 1: GETTING STARTED on Payday      2 days Introduction to MS Explorer; the standard Payday payroll Procedure; Explanation of FDS system; correct back up procedure ; essential Labour Act Legistation Anyone using Payday for the first time.Option to write exam for certificate. $295 Hre                 Tue 2 - Wed 3   Hre                                     Tue 4 -              Wed 5 Hre                                     Tue 2 -              Wed 3 Hre                                     Tue 6 -              Wed 7 Please note the following conditions:              * All courses are held at the Bronte Hotel, Baines Ave (unless otherwise advised)                 * Parking on-site is available                                                             * The cost includes a training manual, Lunch and refreshments.                                                                     * Level 1 to 3 include a 2-hour exam. 80% mark is required to qualify for a certificate.                                                        * Early bird 20% discount if payment received 5 working days before the course.                                                              * All bookings must be confirmed on a booking form, by hand or emailed.                               * Please enquire about options to run these courses in-house, or personal one-on-one basis                                                              * Courses will be offered outside  Harare as demand arises.
Level 2: INTERMEDIATE PayDay 2 days              Quick revision of level 1; setting up Medical Aid, NEC and other tables; making mid-month payments and basic import & export to/from Excel. Users who have passed level 1 and have used Payday.Net for at least 3 months $295 Hre                                      Tue 9 -              Wed 10     Hre                                     Tue 9 -              Wed 10  
Level 3: Advanced Payday 2 days  Quick revision of levels 1 & 2; how to check the set up for codes for Earnings & Deductions; how to use the HR module and advanced techniques for importing and exporting data Users who have passed levels 1 & 2 and have used Payday.Net for atleast 6 months $295     Hre                                     Tue 11 -              Wed 12  
Payday Labour & Tax Workshop  1 Full day  This covers features of PayDay and its reports, and overview of Labour Act. Ideal for ICT Managers, Payroll Operators Etc $225       Hre                     Thu 18th   
Diploma In Payroll and Tax Administration  4 months (Tues Evenings)  Labour Act - Includes letter of appointment, statutory payments, calculatio of leave (working vs calendar days) and the new labour Bill Suitable for anyone who wants to develop a career in HR and run the payroll Office professionally $420 Mar - June Mar - June Mar - June      
Top Dog Meeting / Auditors 1 Full Day  1.FDS Explained   2. Tips for getting the most from Payday  3. Security and other issues for the external auditors For top executives and those that authorise the Payroll payments $225         Thurs 8th 
2024 Payday Payroll Retreat   4 days    Tamarind Lodge, Kariba For Chief Executive Officers, HR Managers and Payroll Administrators $1,350   Wed 8 -                  Sat 11    
User Groups  Zoom  A guideline for all payroll staff on new functions and reports in PayDay.Net. It includes discussions on any chnages in legislation, and statutory payments. Suitable for anyone who uses Payday.Net and would like to discover new possibilities on PayDay.Net. It is a guideline for essential tasks such as Year Ends and Tax Updates   Each Thursday from 9.30 - 10.30   Each Thursday from 9.30 - 10.30 Each Thursday from 9.30 - 10.30  
Please note that these prices are for payments in USD.
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